HIERARCHIES: New research project from the Research Council of Norway

Last week I got the news that I got a 4 year research grant funded by the Research Council of Norway.

It is funded by the program Independent projects (FRIPRO). FRIPRO is an open, national competitive arena that covers all fields of research and has as one of its aim to promote scientific quality in the forefront of international research.

On the webpage they write:

FRIPRO should bring forth research of high scientific quality. In addition, we wish to encourage bold projects that will result in scientific innovation.

Suffice to say that I am very happy to get a grant from them!

Especially, since I got it from the application type “Young research talents”, meaning that I can call myself young for 4 more years!

Read more about the application types here.

The project, entitled “The Erosion of Cooperative Networks and the Evolution of Social Hierarchies: A Comparative Approach (HIERARCHIES)”, is a comparative project looking at nomadic pastoralism in Norway and Tibet (more information about the project can be found here).

A pdf of all the funded social science projects can be found here.

Collaborators on the project are:


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