Marius Warg Næss has a PhD in social anthropology. He did his master thesis on Tibetan nomads in the Northwestern part of the Tibetan Plateau while his PhD Thesis was mainly concerned with the reindeer husbandry in the Northern parts of Norway.

He is currently a Research Professor at NIKU – Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research.

His research interests encompass Nomadic pastoralism (reindeer husbandry, Norway & Tibetan pastoralists), pastoral adaptation, risk management (climatic variation), labour and production, mobility, cooperation and competition, game theory, interdisciplinary approaches (social science-ecology), human ecology, human behavioural ecology, quantitative anthropology (model development & statistics).

For my cv:pdficon_large

Marius Warg Næss

If you like to get in touch, send me an e-mail: mwnass@outlook.com

Or contact me on twitter: @mwnass. Or fill out the form below:


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